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We constantly are receiving awards and have been referenced in publications from time to time and here is a short list of a few notable ones.  

  • Geothermal Installers Adirondacks

    Hot Rocks

    Beneath the Adirondack Park's arctic-zone plants, glacier-carved mountains and dark forests it's always 50 degrees.  Sounds like a perfect candidate to capitalize on the renewable geothermal heating and cooling technology.

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  • Icon 05

    Strategies For Keeping Cool

    Save money, and lots of it, by switching to the green, energy star rated, geothermal HVAC system.  Learn how.

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    The Post Star's Best in Region Award

    For 2007 and 2008, we received the "Best in Region" award for service.  We pride ourselves on our ability to provide services beyond our peers and we were voted top of our class!


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Thermal Associates TV 8 TV 8 Geothermal Technology
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We want to thank you for doing a great job installing our new force air gas furnace. When our oil ran out, you can the very next morning to the rescue! We love the new heat we are enjoying thanks to you!
Thanks for being there for us!
Leanne & Ryan D. - Wilton, NY


Just a little note to say how pleased we are with our new geothermal system.  The two Daves did a great job with the installation and we really appreciate their fine work.  They were very patient and answered my questions.  Now I understand so much about the system.  I truly appreciated their kindness and courtesy to me.
Mr. & Mrs. West - Fort Edward, NY


Thank you so much for handling this so promptly and professionally. I appreciate you being able to replace my unsafe furnace during the holidays.
Donna Gilman - Hudson Falls, NY


I write to you as a satisfied customer. Recently, after meeting with you and exploring options, your staff has completed the installation of a Water Furnace Series 7 HVAC and Domestic Hot Water System. Exactly as you portrayed this system is not only marvelous technology, it is performing flawlessly.
I am impressed by it's capabilities and the quietness of its operation. If it were not for the air circulating in the living space of my home, I would not know when it is running. While the short period of time in which it has been operating is not enough of a sample, I have witnessed a lowered electric bill from National Grid compared to my previous system. Needless to say, we're impressed!
I would be remised, in fact, it is probably the larger reason why we are so pleased, not to mention the outstanding and professional service that you and your staff continually provide. It is always a pleasure to speak with Marge and Ryan on the telephone. Your service technicians are always courteous, competent and easy to work with. They also kept our previous system running perfectly and I have no reason to believe that the high level of service will not continue. Lastly, the installation of the new system, in my less than spacious basement, was no easy task. That being said, everything was installed with optimum efficiency and quality. I also very much appreciate the explanations of the work that was being done. Your staff members made sure that not only were my questions answered, but also that I understood how these products and their operation would accomplish their tasks.
I thank you very much for all of the time that you personally spent with me. We are very pleased to continue to do business with Thermal Associates and look forward to continuing to live in a comfortable and efficient home thanks to all of you!
Ray Ciccarelli, Bolton Landing

  • Refrigeration Service Engineers Society Adirondack Chapter

    RSES Thermal Associates

    Member since 1988

    The Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES), established in 1933, is the world's leading education, training and certification association for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration professionals.

    RSES’ mission is to provide opportunities for enhanced technical competence by offering comprehensive, cutting-edge education and certification to our members and the HVACR industry.

  • International Ground Source Heat Pump Association

    Thermal Associates Geothermal Certifications

    The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) is a non-profit, member-driven organization established in 1987 to advance ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology on local, state, national and international levels. Headquartered on the campus of Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma, IGSHPA utilizes state-of-the-art facilities for conducting GSHP system installation training and geothermal research. With its access to the most current advancements in the geothermal industry, IGSHPA is the ideal bridge between the latest technology and the people who benefit from these developments.

  • Better Business Bureau

    Thermal Associates Better Business HVAC

    Thermal Associates has been awarded an A+ rating consistently over the years.

    Our Vision:
    An ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

    Create a community of trustworthy businesses, setting standards for marketplace trust, encouraging and supporting best practices, celebrating marketplace role models, and denouncing substandard marketplace behavior.

  • Geothermal Exchange Organization

    Thermal Associates Geothermal Certifications

     The Voice of the Geothermal Heat Pump Industry in the United States.  As a non-profit trade association, we promote the manufacture, design and installation of GeoExchange® systems—the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly heating and cooling technology in the world.

    Government affairs and public outreach strategies pursued by GEO are more important than ever to knocking down barriers to industry growth, maintaining progress already won, and securing new opportunities. GEO advocacy successfully increased tax credits for residential geothermal heat pump installations from $300 to 30% of system costs. And through our efforts, geothermal heat pumps are increasingly recognized as a renewable energy technology alongside wind and solar, ensuring an integral role in meeting future government energy and environmental goals.

  • Electric & Gas Industries Association

    Thermal Associates Geothermal Certifications

    The Electric & Gas Industries Association (EGIA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions through the home improvement and renewable energy industries.

    EGIA serves a rapidly-growing nationwide network of contractors, regional distributors, product manufacturers and other trade allies delivering energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions to millions of homes and businesses.  EGIA is also a recognized leader in delivering sponsored demand management and resource efficiency services on behalf of electric, gas, water utilities and municipalities.  EGIA services include financing, rebate program administration and rebate processing; contractor network management, training and certification; and sales channel development and support.

  • National Federation of Independent Business

    Thermal Associates Geothermal Certifications

    The National Federation of Independent Business is the leading small business association representing small and independent businesses. A nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded in 1943, NFIB represents the consensus views of its members in Washington and all 50 state capitals.

    NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses. NFIB also gives its members a power in the marketplace. By pooling the purchasing power of its members, the National Federation of Independent Business gives members access to many business products and services at discounted costs. NFIB also provides timely information designed to help small businesses succeed.

  • North American Technician Excellence

    Thermal Associates Geothermal Certifications

    North American Technician Excellence (NATE) headquartered in Arlington, VA., was founded in 1997 and is the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. NATE is the only technician certification organization governed, owned, operated, developed and supported by the HVACR industry.

    NATE’s certification tests represent real world working knowledge of HVAC and HVACR systems and candidates can earn installation and/or service certification in one or more specialty areas. NATE certification tests are developed by the NATE technical committee. The NATE technical committee is comprised of industry experts who developed and oversee NATE’s Knowledge Areas of Technician Expertise (KATEs). Each exam is developed based on these knowledge areas of expertise. 

  • New York Geothermal Energy Organization

    Thermal Associates Geothermal Certifications

    NY-GEO is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to geothermal heating and cooling. Our members include geo designers, installers, manufacturers, drillers consultants and distributors who are interested in promoting the use of ground-source heat pumps to heat and cool buildings in New York State.

    NY-GEO has created a state-wide organization focused on raising the visibility and understanding of the geothermal heat pump technology. As stakeholders, they know understanding the features and benefits associated with geothermal heat pumps results in a genuine excitement about the technology.

  • The Indoor Energy & Efficiency Association

    Thermal Associates Geothermal Certifications

    ACCA is a non-profit association whose membership includes more than 60,000 professionals and 4,000 businesses in the indoor environment and energy services community. They work together to promote professional contracting, energy efficiency and healthy, comfortable indoor environments.

    Their roots stretch back to the early part of the 20th century, and the organization was incorporated in its present form over 40 years ago. As the leading indoor environment contracting association, in addition to providing direct services and benefits to our members, they actively serve the entire industry.

  • Trusted Geothermal Manufacturer

    Thermal Associates Geothermal Certifications

    The GeoPro designation signifies that an independent WaterFurnace dealer has committed to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction, employee training and quality. Only a portion of dealers are invited to join the GeoPro program and each receives a rating based on geothermal experience, training and customer satisfaction. No other geothermal manufacturer does it. That's one reason more people trust the WaterFurnace brand for their homes than any other geothermal manufacturer.

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