One's HVAC system is only as efficient, effective and as safe as the controls.  We install many different makes and models - all of which can be selected and customized for your unique application.

Nest® Learning Thermostat

The only thermostat you can teach!  Throughout one's day, typical events tend to repeat - When one leaves and returns from work or when one typically goes to bed.  The more it learns, the more you save.   Typical savings can be up to $360 annually and for each degree the system is turned down by, savings are typically 5%.

Standard Features:

  • Bright LCD Screen
  • Built in rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Auto Schedule – Creates a Personalized Schedule 
  • Auto Away – 150o wide- angle view activity sensor
  • Airwave – Humidity sensor activated – Runs fan
  • Weather Aware- Wi-Fi connection to current weather conditions and forecasts
  • Zigbee Smart Energy Enabled – 2 way communication
  • Three Temperature Sensors
  • Energy History – A 10 day History of Use and Energy Savings
  • The Leaf – Appears when the Temperature is Energy Efficient
  • Time To Temperature – Count down to desired Temperature
  • Multiple Nests – communicate and work together
  • Online Nest® Account 
  • Mobile Nest® App for your phone
  • 5 Year limited Hardware

The thermostats also include a remote access service via computers or the iPhone, iPad & Android devices. One must have access to a wireless network and then create a NEST® account.

  • Wi-Fi Connection 
  • Monitor and adjust nest from anywhere
  • Nest Mobile App
  • Secure, private and reliable
  • Automatic updates
  • Real-time control
  • Energy History – A 10 day History of Use and Energy Savings
  • Access Multiple Thermostats
  • Manage more than one home from same account


The largest company in the HVAC business provides some of the most reliable and cost effective products available.  We install, warranty and service most of their products.

  • Manual Non-programmable
  • Digital Non- Programmable
  • Weekday/Weekend Programmable 
  • Weekday/ Saturday/Sunday Programmable
  • Seven day programmable
  • Wireless capable units
  • And even portable comfort controls (A remote control for your comfort)
  • Redlink™ units (can hookup to the internet)
    • Monitor and control your HVAC system over the internet
    • Receive email alerts to monitor safety, comfort & energy
    • Access Multiple Thermostats (if system is zoned)
    • View Outdoor Temperature & Humidity
    • View & Change your HVAC System settings
    • No Monthly monitoring fees 
    • Free mobile apps

ecobee Smart Thermostats

Giving you much more than your typical thermostat, the ecobee thermostats can even give you weather updates so you know how to dress for the day!

  • Seeing what's happening in your home from anywhere
  • Viewing reports on your system's performance
  • Modifying your thermostat's program
  • Changing your profile
  • Setting up alerts and service reminders
  • Setting a vacation schedule
  • Changing your preferences

There are two different thermostats available. The Smart Thermostat and The Smart Si. Both of which are installed, warrantied and serviced by us.

WaterFurnace Controls

Symphony Home Energy Management

Simple to install and use, this system will give you a level of control and insight you never dreamed to be possible.

Symphony Portal – Heart of the system

  • View energy consumption of the entire home
  • View energy consumption of each individually controlled device
  • Historical data stored to reveal trends over time
  • Energy saving tips
  • Comes with a 5 year plan
  • No Monthly fees
  • Free Mobile App

Symphony Thermostat (TP32Z01)

  •  Internet enabled thermostat
  • Modify your thermostat’s program
  • Set up a schedule
  • Zigbee Smart Energy enabled – 2 way communication

Panel Meter

  • Provides energy consumption monitoring of the entire home
  • Uses a Split-Core Current Transformer Technology
  • Enables you to anticipate energy usage of the home between bills

Thinkeco® Modlet SE

  • Plug in monitor
  • Control and monitor energy consumption of any 120 volt device
  • Zigbee Smart Energy enabled- 2 way communication
  • Relays and hops messages for a greater range

Tendail® Load Control Switch

  • Control and monitor 240 volt devices
  • Zigbee Smart Energy enabled - 2 way communication

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